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Independent repair facilities are usually a much better option for BMW repair in Irvine, than the dealership for a multitude of reasons, but the main one is price. At an independent shop, they don't have salesmen, which helps reduce the overhead pricing, that reduction in pricing is passed on to their customers. Sure many of the independent shops may also sell cars, but those are usually used cars that their mechanics have repaired. Vehicle sales is merely a sideline, not their primary business.

However, not all independent shops are equal, especially when it comes to German cars. Jacks German Auto Service wants to give you a few tips on finding a reliable shop for Mercedes repair in Irvine.

Make Sure the Mechanic Is Qualified

It's vital that the mechanic who will be performing the repairs has been trained to work on German automobiles. You want ASE certification and long term experience. German engines are different than American and as such they require different treatment. You wouldn't let a plumber wire your house, so why have a Chevy mechanic work on a your German engine?

Does the Shop Have the Right Equipment?

It's essential, for Mercedes repair in Irvine, that the shop have the special diagnostic computers and updated software required for German vehicles. When looking for Audi repair in Irvine, you also want to ensure that the shop is able to source genuine or OEM parts for your German engineered vehicle. After all, you want to make sure any replacements are of the highest quality, and a general shop might not be able to get their hands on such parts in a reasonable time frame, or at a reasonable price.

Read Independent Reviews

You should also consider reading independent reviews online. Don't judge too harshly however, a dissatisfied customer screams while a happy customer merely walks away. For every good review there are at least 20 other happy customers.

Look for Affiliations

A shop offering good quality Volkswagen repair in Irvine will also be a member of an automotive professional affiliation, such as the Automotive Service Association. Look around, most shops proudly display their associations.

Go With Your Gut

Above all, when looking for Mini Cooper repair in Irvine, trust your instincts. If you don't feel secure leaving your vehicle at the shop, or you don't trust their estimate then don't use them. You are the customer and you have the right to choose where you go for Porsche repair in Irvine.

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