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One reason many people choose not to purchase a German car is due to the high cost of BMW repair in Orange County. Dealerships tend to charge an arm and a leg, which makes it extremely expensive to own a Mercedes or a BMW. However, one way around paying a fortune for Mercedes repair in Orange County is to find an independent shop that specializes in repairing German Engineered cars.

Why Choose an Independent Shop?

There are a number of reasons to choose an independent shop for Audi repair in Orange County. Firstly, it's generally cheaper than using a dealership service and the quality is as good if not better.

There are many independent shops that employ ASE certified technicians with a lot of experience working on German vehicles. Many of them have worked in dealership service as well.

You'll find that an independent shop will generally do better work. Dealerships usually pay their technicians based on a flat rate. So, if an operation is supposed to take three hours, then the customer will be charged for those three hours, regardless of how long it actually takes. This also applies to the technician. Whether it only takes two hours or all three hours, he still gets paid the same rate. So it is in his best interest to do the job on your vehicle as quickly as possible.

Technicians at dealerships often rush through jobs to get paid more and to meet quotas. This can affect quality. Independent shops tend to specialize in certain lines of cars that they are ultra familiar with so they can get the job done in a timely manner but without rushing. At dealerships the service technicians can be assigned almost anything, and when they're assigned to a model they aren't familiar with, the result can be poor quality work.

Independent shops are focused on offering excellent customer service and frequently use the same system as dealerships to charge their customers, but the hourly rate is much less because they tend to have lower overhead. This lower overhead translates to a lower bill for you.

You Won't Lose Out

So, if you're looking to save money on Audi repair in Orange County but want to make sure your car is properly looked after, then you can't go wrong with an independent shop. Check out some reviews online, make sure they have a technician that specializes in Volkswagen repair in Orange County, and you'll find that you'll be more than happy with their work.

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